Hi, I’m Sandra

A Mexican living in the UK. A mum and a wife with a full time job (because the first 2 jobs were not enough). A curious mind. A good friend (some might say). Another human figuring out how to play better this game of life…

Glad you are here!

This blog is a place where I share stories of my constant, never ending desire to improve in every single aspect of life. About my wellness journey. Here you’ll read about how I’ve made a full of myself, laughed, cried, worried but mostly, what I’ve learnt makes me happy and hopefully a better person.

The aiming here is to create a place where people can allow themselves to be real. I want you to feel comfortable! Comfortable enough, so you can laugh or cry (or express any emotion) and share your story with me too!

Come back every Tuesday and Thursday, I’ll do my best to keep up with new posts

Until next time!