Preparation is Key!

I was meant to start with this plan from the 1st of September but to be honest, the blog got in the way! I spent more than a few days editing, customizing, reading how to work some things out until I felt happy with the result. Hope you like it!

Remember the girl I mentioned in my last post who loved doing to do lists? She is back! But this time, she’ll be more forgiving. After all, life happens 🙂

Cracking on…My plan consist, to start with, of 2 aspects:

  • Healthy eating and
  • Yoga!

Me and my family are going vegetarian (not vegan= not ready to jump in the deep end yet) for a week. My husband is thrilled since he is carnivore through and through but agrees we need to make better choices regarding our diet.

The healthy eating subject has always made me feel anxious, there is so much information about what is the best diet. I find all this information confusing. This post sums up how I feel, but regardless of all the information out there, we are going to try what instinctively feels right to us and that is: cooking from scratch and eating as fresh as possible. I will be writing later on how the week went. But I am sure it’ll be fun.

Yoga – I haven’t tried yoga before but one thing I know is that I want to feel stronger and more in control of my body. I have bought a mat and yoga blocks. I am excited.

The plan here is doing yoga first thing in the morning, so then I can get on with my exciting working from home day (obvs sarcasm). I will be challenging myself with 30 consecutive days of yoga and will be using doyogawithme. Talking about this site, I noticed all the instructors convey tranquility. I wonder if this is because of this practice? Anyway, I’ll also keep a log on how these 30 days challenge went.

That’s it. Wish me luck!

Let me know if you have practiced yoga before, what did you think of it? Same for the vegetarian diet, did you struggle?

2 thoughts on “Preparation is Key!”

  1. Congratulations! I tried vegetarianism a while back, but found that my gallbladder couldn’t handle the amount of fat that I needed to compensate for the protein substitution. My family has a history of gallbladder issues, and mine went into spasm for a full day. So just be aware of your bodies!
    I love yoga, and I use it to manage a lot of overuse aches and pains from a lifetime of being athletic. One thing to keep in mind – no yoga class/teacher is the same. If you find you aren’t getting what you need, or that you outgrow it, keep an eye out for others. I personally love the balance of mind/body versus the more gym-oriented classes. I’m sure your preferences will shift as you learn and practice. Enjoy!


    1. Thank you Erin. So far I’ve ve only been vegetarian for a day. Dish #1 success. Thank you for sharing the gallbladder issue, I was not aware of it. I’ll keep an eye for it, specially since we are dragging our son into this new healthy eating. Yoga today was weirdly relaxing. I think I know what you mean by preferring the mind/body approach. That is just what I need.

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